Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a painful process of removing parts of the female external genitalia, normally for prepubescent children, to reduce or curb their sexual urges. It has been widely described as unsafe and unhealthy, especially because it’s done with crude tools and without anesthetics to dull the pain.

Recently, Egyptian MP, Elhamy Aghina, said women must accept FGM to control their sexual urges.

What? Does this man realize FGM is extremely painful for women, and has been proven to be medically unsafe?

Apparently, the MP believes women should control their ‘female lust’, because Egyptian men are ‘sexually weak’.

According to The Times UK, Elhamy even said FGM is the only thing that would make men and women equal in Egypt.

A simple google search will show any reasonable person that FGM has no health benefits for women and girls, and in fact, causes severe urinary problems and risks during childbirth.

Also, an estimated 200 million women and girls have undergone FGM in the world!

When a highly placed lawmaker says FGM is the only way men and women can be equal.

In this day and age of innovation and technology, it looks like some leaders are determined to draw women back, instead of addressing societal problems women face! What do you think about the Egyptian MP’s take on FGM in the country?



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