Durotimi Bolaji-Idowu who works under the name, Duro Arts, is known for his caricature-style designs. He has even worked for artistes like Snoop Dogg, Davido and brands like MTVbaseAfrica. Here are some of the times he trolled us with his Bun and Belly art collection.

1. When he trolled Wizkid’s ‘controversial’ picture.

2. And he basically pulled a Daenerys Targaryen.

3. When he trolled this pre-wedding picture.

4. But really, what does ‘Bahd, Baddo, Baddest’ mean?

5. When he helped Beyonce wash her back.

6. His attempt at wearing a cropped top.

7. When he had something to say about Toolz’s wedding dress.

8. When he played with Lupita’s shuku.

9. When he wanted to use style to get on Davido’s flight.

10. When he trolled Darth Vader.

Featured image credit: Duro Arts


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