Our home girl / bleaching cream queen, Dencia, has come again to slay us with her anyhow fashion style. Before we get to that, let us remind you of a couple of the bizarre fashion choices she has made in the past.

Who remembers this strange gele and onesie combo that she wore to the 2015 BET Awards?

Or this pink pajamas abomination she wore to the Grammys a couple of years ago.

Or that time her outfit was made up mostly of Lion hair.

Home girl is also known to sometimes steal outfit ideas.

That wasn’t fair for us to say. You can’t exactly claim ownership of an outfit. We’re not apologizing tho.

What we’re here to discuss today is what she wore to the Billboard Music Awards that happened over the weekend. Check out this..ehhh…interesting outfit.

We are just as confused as you are about this.

What we would like to know is how she keeps getting into in these events.

I mean, she claims she’s a singer but have you ever heard ANY song from her?

That wasn’t even a joke. If you’ve heard one, let us know.

Anyways, this dress (?) confused many people and a lot of them had tons of stuff to say about it. Tons of MEAN and HILARIOUS stuff..

Let’s start with this person, who legit doesn’t even know who Dencia is

Then there was this person, who thought Dencia looked liked a Transformer.


Also this person who kinda made a valid point.

The dress reminded this person of maths homework.

Another person who got reminded of Transformers after seeing this dress

The dress gave this person Chemistry flashbacks.

Another person that the dress reminded of Maths.

This person we actually agree with.

The name of the villain is Rita Repulsa. Google her and you’ll see  that this person was right. Lol

Then this person that refuses to believe that Dencia has/had a music career.

Ha! Skin Lightening chick.

Needless to say, she was among this year’s worst dressed.

Dencia,why do you always do this? We know you have the potential to slay but everytime you get the chance to, you mess up and end up dressing like one of the puppets from Sesame street. We just have one thing to tell you.

PLEASE! Stop embarrassing Africa!

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