Zimbabweans on Twitter are using #Howtheyrobbedus to tell sad stories of how the government of President Robert Mugabe has failed the people.

1. When world class hospitals become dumping grounds.

2. Hospitals that are under-staffed and ill-equipped.

3. When we are forced to flee our homes.

4. And we don’t see our loved ones for years.

5. We are forced to go to places where we are not welcome.

6. We go to places where they hate us.

7. Places where our loved ones die alone.

8. We come home with foreign degrees, still, there are no jobs.

9. A government that steals our dreams.

10. A government that silences us.

11. And steals our hard-earned money.

12. A government that makes us lose our sense of self.

13. A rotten system where nothing works.

14. Even being a graduate means nothing.

15. Yet, government officials continue to enrich their pockets.



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