13 Hilarious Events Nigerians Think President Buhari Would Attend On His Many Trips

April 1, 2016

President Buhari is known for his many travels for several diplomatic” purposes.

Within his first 181 days in office, he had already visited 10 countries. And in spite of the fuel scarcity problem currently plaguing the country, he has gone on another trip to the dismay of many Nigerians.

Nigerians being kings of humor, who can make jokes out of any situation have trolled the president with #ThingsBuhariWouldAttend.

1. Because, pencils cam magically grow the economy.

2. A president must only rule in slay.

3. Nigeria must be a colonial master by force.

4. He may want to turn up with the squad.

5. Or just want to leave Nigerians and their wahala behind.

6. Because, he cannot come and die jare.

7. What if he just wants to get that premium Ewa Agoyin?

8. Because, he could be interested in the parent’s race.

9. His travelling is kuku more important than any other thing Nigerians are going through.

10. Because he beat Dora the Explorer at her own game of travelling.

11. Could it be a case of chronic Mogbo-moya?

12. He could even turn up for all the Nigerians that can’t make Kim and Kanye’s ceremony.

13. Because he knows #BleachingLivesMatter.

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