Welcome to the daily Ultimate Love recap. Ultimate Love is the hottest reality show in town, and we’ll be giving you a recap of all the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. Stick around!

Before I get into the real gist of the day:

A counselor and matchmaking expert was in the house to talk to the Love Guests about conflict resolution and more about relationships. I guess the Love Guests enjoyed it because couples had some heart to heart discussion after he left.

Then three new Love Guests were brought to the love pad:

Aunty brought 3 new Love Guests to the house, I believe for Chris, Sylvia, and Jerry. Sylvia and Jerry wasted no time in approaching and getting to know the new guests, but Chris? I give up!

Seriously, Chris, what is you doing?

Everyone was excited when new people entered, especially because of Chris. With the help of Jay and Nkechi, Chris discussed briefly with Chris Ville. She’s probably not used to chasing men, but we’ll need to hurry.

Parte after parte:

There was a Friday night party for the love guests and it was really fun oh. Omo, never knew these people could boogie like this.  

Presh David gave us left right centre. 

PreshDavid was the life of the party! They danced fire and hooked some cool moves in our veins. We deserve it!

Rosie sweetie, sorry your heart got broken but we needed this PreshDavid duo!

Jerry didn’t let go of his new babe oh,

The moment Meriton – the new female guest was done meeting the old Love Guests, my guy Jerry, started moving to her bumper to bumper, to avoid another “I thy know” situation. 

How you dance, when you finally meet the bae you’ve been searching for.

Meanwhile, the new girl doesn’t send Jerry as much. It’s Jay she likes. Sorry, Jerry, it seems like looks are not everything.

Sylvia was not left out: 

This one came off too strong, as usual. My girl tried to hook this new Love Guest – Chidi Bankz, with her premium whines at the party and  that worked until he started getting slightly irritated.

Relax Sylvia, you can die on his matter without looking desperate, I promise.

New pairings and swapping

The people who are interested in swapping will have the opportunity to do so later today, and new pairs will be formed.

Come back tomorrow for more tea on that!

Every day at 5 pm, we’ll publish a new update on this show – complete with the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. You can read old updates, predictions and analysis here. Stick around!



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