Odunlade is easily the current reigning meme king in the whole of Nigeria. And these thirteen memes of him are ridiculously apt for every situation in your life.

When your landlord sends you a letter that he’s increasing your rent next year.

But salary hasn’t increased for the past three years.

When you finally run into that Onigbese that has been owing you money for the past five years.

One day for the owner.

When someone wakes you up just as you are about to enter the sweet part of your sleep.

This had better be a life or death situation.

When it’s 5:05 pm on a Friday and your boss asks you if you would mind staying an extra hour to help with something.

How you look at your haters when you are flourishing in life.

All weapons fashioned against me shall not prosper.

When you’ve been waiting for the puff puff to be ready for an hour and the person in front of you buys everything on the tray.

The heart of man is wicked.

How the bouncers look at you when you show up at an invite only owambe without your I.V.

Oga please just respect yourself and go back.

The side eye your mum gives you when you are doing something foolish.

There’s no need for her to talk

When you are sleeping but hear your mum come in and remember you didn’t sweep the place she told you to sweep.

You better find a way to sweep it in 2.5 seconds.

How you carry your shoulder up during salary week.

When you know you won’t soak garri or cook indomie for at least one week.

When you buy food, only to get home and realize that the person selling it forgot to put your meat.

You bought three meat and assorted and they didn’t put anyone.

When you don’t know the answers to all the compulsory questions in an exam.

So what am I supposed to write now? These are just our favourite Odunlade memes. What are yours?


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