If you check the dictionary for the meaning of ‘stress‘, you might not see the word Lagos, but anyone who has spent more than an hour inside this particular state, knows that the only description that should be there is ‘Lagos’.

Traffic o, expenses o, trailers o, even the sun in Lagos has plans to kill you — and it is not with enjoyment.

So how do you manage to stay sane when everything in a state plans to frustrate every fibre of your being? You let GoKada take care of things, that’s how.

Popular for being one of the pioneering bike hailing companies in Lagos, Gokada has taken things up several notches by introducing new motorcycles, getting better-equipped drivers known as GPilots who have advanced knowledge of driving for enhanced safety, GPS navigation, and optimised customer service delivery and even setting up the GMedic.

“But how will these make my life in Lagos better?” you might ask. Well, here’s how:

Gokada bikes will not take nonsense from Lagos roads.

And this is a fact.

I am someone, if I have a flight to Abuja for 12 pm, I must have left my house at 7 am to beat the traffic to Muritala Muhammed, who am I?

A Lagosian, that’s who.

It’s no secret that the traffic in Lagos is beyond ridiculous. If as an inhabitant of the state, you haven’t spent a minimum of two hours in traffic headed somewhere — while we don’t believe you — just count yourself lucky!

While cars are stuck in traffic, making their fenders kiss, Gokada bikes have already given them dust, in the safest and securest way possible. Being able to order online, having secure helmets, very reasonable fares and the assurance that your driver is well-trained are the primary perks Gokada has over your regular bike trip.

So if you’re ready to do fire-for-fire with Lagos traffic, GoKada bikes are your very, very, best bet. And they won’t even let you break the bank.

Brand NEW Motorcycles!!!

Before Gokada, the fear of motorcycles was the beginning of wisdom.

Thankfully, this is not the case with Gokada. Gokada just acquired first-of-its-kind TVS motorbikes and fitted its drivers with Bluetooth enabled helmets allowing for more seamess communication and navigation experience.

Can you imagine beating traffic in this?! Oh boy.

GMedic will assist accident victims.

Seeing as safety is the bedrock of the Gokada mission, Gmedic follows through on that.

A CSR initiative by the company, G-Medic aims to provide first aid assistance to accident victims before transferring them to hospitals for full medical attention.

What’s even better, this service is entirely free! It promises to be a safe and rapid response to injuries, seeing as it will combine the safety and speed of the GoKada bike ride, to ensure accident victims get the attention that they need.

So Gokada gives you freedom from road traffic, a safe bike and also, a quick, safe response to accidents. Lagos isn’t looking so stressful now is it?


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