If you are anything like us and you lack self-control and home training then your June salary has probably finished and you are currently going through these struggles with us.

They just paid salary last week but your account balance is confusing you.

Wait but did someone rob me?

This is you trying to calculate how you are going to feed for the month of July after looking at your account balance.

This is the perfect month to start 30 days dry fast.

You start thinking back to how you were flexing like there was no tomorrow during salary week.

Yours is now a case of had I known.

As you are trying to calculate how you’ll find money to pay your NEPA bill one family member calls you to remind you to send something for the month.

It’s a little too late for that.

You start to notice that any small thing suddenly makes you unnecessarily angry.

Your colleague will tell you good morning and you’ll ask them what’s good about the morning.

You start counting down again to salary week and wonder why the days are going by so slow.

Time moves slower when you are broke – Albert Einstein

Your taste in things will suddenly drop. You’ll start buying puff puff instead of pancakes.

You’ll start to realize that you actually like cooking and you don’t even like eating out like that. Who knew.

You’ll suddenly remember all the people that are owing you money and start hitting them up.

It’s time to collect your money back from that your colleague that needed 200 naira change for bus. Abi did he think it was dash?

You’ll start appreciating the little things like the fact there’s water dispenser in your office or your parents live an hour away so you can go and beg for food.

Isn’t the Lord good?

You also start to seriously rethink your priorities in life.

Do you really need to pay for internet this month? Shebi office WiFi is there?

Long story short, July is about to be a very difficult month but we are here to tell you that last last you won’t sha die before they pay your July salary. 

Stay strong.


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