I think by now we all know Nigerian men are mostly quite crafty, especially when it comes to relationships and women.

You’d think it would be just the single men, but the married men are outchea wilding as well.

It’s like they truly believe these are the last days of seven women to one man, even though there are more men in the world now.

The greedy men don’t care about their single brothers. No o. They just want to chop dey go and kobalize somebody’s daughter.

Shey, it would even be easier to spot who is who, but these married men have now decided to be removing their rings.

After many shattered hearts and dreams, Nigerian women have had to master their ways. Sholo stupid ni.

We’ve figured out a way to help you single ladies recognize when a married man is moving to you, even when he’s not wearing his wedding ring.

The jig is up.

When you go his house and you notice that it’s suspiciously bare, my dear flee, that man is married.

No personal effects, no pictures lying around. House looking like someone took their time to make sure that nothing could be traced. Hmm…

If he has been married long enough whether he puts on his ring or not, you’ll notice a patch of lighter skin around his ring finger.

Make sure you look out for it, he can hide his ring but he can’t hide his marriage.

Sometimes he might even just move the wedding ring to another finger and claim it’s just a random ring.

Don’t be deceived, that’s his wedding ring.

You’ll notice that he’s slightly balding, slightly pot-bellied and looks suspiciously close to your father’s age but he’ll still try to convince you that he’s not married.

My dear don’t listen to him, pick up your bag and run away. That daddy is a married man with four children and one of them might even be your age.

You’ll also notice that he really doesn’t like coming out in the daytime.

Na so so night waka in hidden places. He doesn’t want his wife’s family and friends to catch you people together.

When you ask him if he’s married and he’s too quick to say no, my dear that man has already taken someone else to the altar.

Before you even say ‘mar…’, he’ll have said: “Me ke, never o, I’m still searching for the right woman, maybe it’s you”.

You’ll notice signs of a female presence in his house that’s always conveniently a sister or a cousin but you’ll never meet said sister or cousin.

His wife is in the overseas for summer and he’s only using you as summer bae.

For some reason he has refused to invite you over to his house.

You’ve also noticed that he can only leave his house at certain times. Anything past 9 and he starts panicking about how he has to go home as if he has a curfew.

Finally, the easiest thing to do is look him up on the internet.

Even if he has covered his tracks, his wife and children haven’t. You are bound to find someone’s facebook page.
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