There I was jejely playing with my toys o.

And having a fantastic time with my friends.

That’s how my mom said she was going to the market and I jumped up to do follow follow.

When she told me to ‘go and wear your shoe’, I was like:

Long story short, I followed her to the market o.

When we finished parading the length and breadth of the market, we finally got better trader.

She calculated our goods and it was time for us to pay, when my mom asked “Where’s the money?”

By this time my heart was already beating very fast, but I managed to ask ‘erm, what money ma?’

Apparently she had knotted the money in my scarf.

And me I just saw one yamma yamma knot and loosened it on the way to the market.

My mom was so mad, she was actually shaking!

People were now begging her not to beat me in the market.

When we got home, she beat…… let’s not talk about that one here.

Later, a neighbor and friend was now gisting me about how people were picking someone’s missing money on the road in front of her house.


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