To be a corps member is one big palaver. One year of your life dedicated to serving your country instead of you to be chopping life. The ghetto! From slow credit alerts to annoying people who think you’re the richest man in Babylon, here is a list of struggles for people who have been shown hell by NYSC.

1. When it’s month end but you haven’t received alert.

What kind of trouble have I got myself into like this?

2. But people think you have and so they start hailing you and billing you.

If I vex and slap you ehn

3. You when it is time to wash and iron that bondage called NYSC khaki.

Oluwa fight this battle for me plis!

4. When people shout “Corper Wee!” and expect you to answer “Waa!”

Waa ko, warapa ni. If you don’t geddifok. It’s not your fault sha.

5. How you look at your parents when they say “After NYSC, begin to think of how to settle down.”

Okay ma, okay sir. I can see how much you love me

6. When you post a picture and someone says “Ahan this NYSC fits you o. See how fat and fresh you are.”

You say wetin?

7. When NYSC ends and people ask you how much money you saved.

I saved my life. Now please get out of my sight


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