You can’t deny that APC gives off sugar daddy vibes and Labour party feels very working-class. But there are 16 other political parties that need introduction. And we’re here to do just that.

All Progressives Congress (APC) 

Founded in 2013, these are the loud-mouthed sugar daddies who spray mint ₦100 notes at parties. When you ask them what it’s for, they tell you beans and garri. These men have zero shame and no problems borrowing money to fund their sugar daddy lifestyle. On top of that, nobody even knows where all the sugar is going because it’s not really helping or touching anybody.

People’s Democratic Party (PDP)

Founded in 1998

This party gives off old money vibes but with a touch of sugar daddy too. The only problem is the money has finished. So when you ask them to show workings, you’re just playing yourself.

All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)

Founded in 2003

This band of people keeps rising and falling just like crypto, except they don’t have the money most crypto bros do. They remind us of that aunty who’s been around the longest but we keep forgetting to invite for family parties.

People’s Redemption Party (PRP)

Founded in 1978

Nobody knows anything about these ones except that they’ve been around since 1978.

Social Democratic Party (SDP)

Founded in 1989

They give off boomer vibes but  with a high debt-to-GDP ratios instead of plenty money. Nobody understands anything they say, but we like having them around.

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Young Progressives Party (YPP)

Founded in 2017

This party gives off tech startup vibes. They say a lot of nice-sounding things, but we all know they’re also just hustling for money.

African Democratic Congress (ADC)

Founded in 2005

They give off freedom fighter vibes, but when you need actual freedom fighters, they’re surprisingly quiet. 

National Rescue Movement (NRM)

Founded in 2017

You get firefighter vibes from this party. You can’t blame them for this because, technically, the country is on fire. The only thing we need to explain is why there’s an insect on their logo. It’s giving mosquito coil.

Boot Party (BP)

Founded in 2019

We’re pretty sure this party was going for ajebutter vibes with their name, but they ended up giving malaria drug vibes with a logo that looks like sadness.

New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP)

Founded in 2001

This party feels like it was created in a hurry and nobody inside it really knows why they’re there. 

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