A while ago, we made asked Nigerian Gen-Z’ers what they think about Millenials and they had a lot to say. Now, we asked a few Nigerian boomers their thoughts on Millennials.

Christiana, 60

A lot of people my age do not give them enough credit. They were born into a system that cannot be classified as ideal and instead of giving up, they fought and worked hard. They constantly have to deal with a lot of challenges just to get a fraction of the results people in other countries get. I think they are resilient.

John, 71

Two of my three children are millennials, so they will be my reference point. Millennials do not like to listen. They are stubborn, strong-headed and insolent. It is something I admire about them, but it also what causes the majority of their problems. I wish they knew when to just shut up and listen. Listen to the people that walked the road before you, and listen to the people that want to help you. They may know what is good, but they rarely know what is best.

Segun, 62

They are a bunch of lazy people that do not want to do any hard work. If you do not give them want everything given to them on a platter of gold, they throw a tantrum. They are always looking for an easy way out, and do not believe in the dignity of hard work.

Theresa, 59

I have not met a group more anti-marriage in my life. By their age, I was already married and having children. Whenever you ask them why they are not settled yet, they always give silly excuses about love and being settled. Marriage will settle you, and you will respect and find comfort with whoever you marry.

Akpala, 64

They are too westernized and have forgotten all about the tradition, culture, and values that make Nigerians Nigerian. They do not know anything about their people, about home, and the practices that existed before their birth. I blame my generation for not teaching them any of these things.

Chinwe, 58

My generation and those above us messed up this country. I had a lot of hope the Millennials were going to fix it, but I did not factor in the constant that is Nigeria. Nigeria has a way of breaking anyone, and they were not spared. They are not our heroes, they are young people that need to live.

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