Politics in Nigeria is forever a source of humour for us. With the likes of Dino Melaye occupying seats of power, it’s a wonder this country is still running. When it comes to Nigerian politics and humour though, one of the funniest things we’ve come across in a while are these political party logos:

Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)

We tried our hardest to decipher this logo but we still have so many questions. Why is a plant growing out of the laptop? Why is the laptop in a map of Nigeria?

Sustainable National Party (SNP)

We thought very hard about it and we couldn’t come up with a single reason a bell will be used as a party logo. Must be closing time.

United Democratic Party

There’s nothing you want to tell us. Whoever came up with this logo just went home and told their child to draw anything on paper then used it as party logo.

Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM)

Please, what’s the torchlight for? Is it to remind us that there is no light in Nigeria? Are they trying to shine a light on Nigeria? What does it mean?

All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)

We know how much Nigerians love anything that signifies enjoyment but we don’t understand what a chicken is looking for on a political party’s logo.

All Progressives Congress (APC)

We’ve always wondered what APC’s broom signified. Over the last three years, we’ve discovered that their plan is to sweep all Nigerians out of the country. How else will you explain the rate at which Nigerians are leaving the country under this government?

National Conscience Party

We don’t know which is funnier, the name of this political party or the logo. As if any Nigerian politician has a conscience. If you don’t close your eyes there.

Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)

No political party logo vexed us as much as this one. Where is the light to put on the light bulb? They should have just put a generator next to it so we know they are serious.

Re-build Nigeria Party (RBNP)

We are willing to bet this month’s salary that this logo was picked out of one of those old Macmillan textbooks.

Fresh Democratic Party (FDP)

What does the clock signify? Why is the time at 8 o’clock? Was that the exact time Okotie had his vision of becoming the president of Nigeria?

New Generation Party of Nigeria (NGP)

This is how you know the people who don’t want us to progress. 2018 but you don’t want us to be using AC to cool ourselves. We should still be using hand fan? In the end —all these parties, relevant or not, ugly logos or not, the one thing that gets to decide whether or not we keep them or kick them, is getting your PVC.  If you still haven’t gotten yours, do you really want Nigeria to be better? If you are confused as to how to go about it then check out our handy guide to getting your PVC here.


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