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Are you ready to shake up the political scene and hold our new President, Tinubu, accountable? As active citizens, we must understand that information is power, and the government knows this. We get them rattled.

Our plug at Civic Hive knows how to get the information and proper tools to make a real impact by holding President Tinubu accountable and other elected officials through effective means. You can demand transparency and challenge the status quo by equipping yourself with the tools below.

Project Tracking: Tracka (

Keep tabs on government projects in your community like a pro with Tracka. Tracka allows you to be a close spectator and become an active citizen by ensuring government promises turn into action. With Tracka, you can hold President Tinubu to his word and ensure your communities receive the services they deserve. You get to track, monitor, and make some noise until you can make real progress!

Government Budgets: BudgIT (

Budgets? Aha ahah not a problem! BudgIT makes navigating the complex world of government finances a breeze. You get to have a sneak peek into how our hard-earned tax money is allocated and spent. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be unstoppable in demanding fiscal responsibility and transparency from President Tinubu’s administration. It’s time to put those numbers to work and make them work for us!

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Access to Legislative Information: Shine Your Eye (

No more being left in the dark when it comes to legislative matters! Shine Your Eye is a secret weapon stay informed about what our representatives are up to. Bills, motions, and decisions—we’ll be in the know. You get to hold President Tinubu and our elected officials accountable by engaging with them directly. It’s time to shine ya eye on our democracy!

Know Your Constituency Projects: BudgIT (

Say hello to, and you get an all-access pass to the federal, state, and local governments’ allocations and spending. BudgIT dives into the nitty-gritty of those constituency projects to ensure they’re executed as promised. You can login to to create your account. President Tinubu won’t know what hit him until we’re armed with facts and ready to demand accountability. It’s time to take charge and make everyone’s voices heard.

Civic Innovation: Civic Hive (

At Civic Hive, innovation is their middle name, and civic engagement is their playground. With their vibrant social incubation hub in Lagos, you get to meet young minds like yours who are in governance and create solutions to Nigeria’s social problems. 

Wherever you find yourself, continue brainstorming, collaborating, and accelerating ideas for positive change in Nigeria. 

And with the tools we’ve shared in this article, President Tinubu won’t know what hit him when our youthful energy meets civic innovation!

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