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Do you consider yourself an active citizen?

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No wham, our friends at Civic Hive know, and we will tell you in three minutes. 

Who is an active citizen?

First, an active citizen takes responsibility and initiative in matters of public concern in an informed, committed, and constructive manner. 

In other words, you must participate so blessings won’t pass you by.

You must do everything in this article to be considered an active citizen.

Pay your tax

As an employed citizen, you have to pay your taxes. This is a percentage of your earnings that you must pay the government for social amenities to meet the country’s needs.

Ask questions

Learning is our job, and the nation will benefit if we, as citizens, take advantage of every chance to participate in civic activities in our neighbourhoods. You have to question your government, be interested in how policies are being shaped, and always share responses and insights with those who aren’t privy to the information we have. All this to say, keep your government on its toes.

Register to vote.

You can vote once you are 18 or older. To ensure your representation in government, it is your civic duty to register and participate in elections. 

Respect the Constitution and obey all local, state, and federal laws.

As you hold the government accountable, you also must respect your country’s constitution by upholding its laws without reservation.

Sabi your rights and protect those of others.

Every citizen must be fully aware of their rights and know when they are being violated. You should also learn to respect and stand up for other people.

Know and engage with your representatives.

You should take an interest in the legislative activities of your country. In Nigeria, for example, you must pay attention to how the National Assembly operates. Start by recognising which person represents you across all governance levels and communicating with them frequently.

Participate in your local community.

Lastly, to be an active citizen, you must participate in activities starting with your local community and contributing to national development. 

If we genuinely want to see the changes we demand as citizens, we must all demand more from ourselves to become active citizens. 

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