As an adult, why are you still using a spoon to eat rice? When you’re not a three-year-old being forced to finish your food before the school bus comes. 

Here are 7 valid reasons why you should grow up and switch to a fork today.

To show you’re not greedy

I mean, why are you using a spoon to eat if you’re not a thief? For the same work rate, you might as well use a shovel.  

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To show you respect your ancestors

Forks will never disrespect your ancestors the way spoons do. The prongs were designed to let some food fall down for the gods. If your life is not doing okay, it’s because you use a spoon and your ancestors feel neglected.

To show you respect the food

Only people who don’t respect food would eat it fast. Good food should be approximated and chewed slowly to show you love how good it tastes, and you’re willing to be patient.

Because you’re an adult

For God’s sake, why would you rush your food like that? Ever seen a teenage boy heap food with a spoon? Yeah, that’s what you look like. 

So the forks don’t get lonely

It’s just human decency to use the fork as much as you use your spoon. You don’t want them feeling left out and disappearing just because. Just be kind, abeg.

To chook anyone who tries to beg for food

Can you protect yourself with a spoon? No, but you can always use a fork to scare off those who don’t let others eat in peace. 

It’ll never betray you when you wash it

One thing a fork will never do is spray water all over your body when you try to wash it. Do with that information what you must.

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