This is a ranking that I think is long overdue. Also, a very risky ranking, because I know you people will call for my head after this. But the truth has no hiding place.

Today, I ask the most important question of 2020: What’s the best cake? Is it chocolate cake, vanilla or Red Velvet?

This is my ranking:

3. Chocolate cake

I still think chocolate cake is unnecessary. In fact, abolish the concept of chocolates entirely. Chocolate cakes are often too sweet, and you get tired easily. So what’s the point? If something that is supposed to bring me enjoyment tires me, what is the point?

2. Red Velvet

This is surprisingly very good. I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I did. Still, it doesn’t mean I think it should exist as such. I’m sorry to everyone who lives by it. For me, I could easily live my life without tasting it and I would be fine.

1. Vanilla cake

There is no cake that can compare to this, if we are being honest. That’s why it is the first. The blue print for all the other types of cake. It is the only supreme leader we recognize in these streets.

There, I said it.

I said what i said nene leakes GIF on GIFER - by Goltidal

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