If you grew up in Nigeria, you’ve probably had to kill a chicken at some point in your life. I’ve done it too. It wasn’t fun. However, your reaction to killing a chicken for the first time says a lot more about you than you think. 

See for yourself. 

1.  If you were excited, we’re terrified of you.

No, for real. Who hears that it’s time to commit murder and goes, “Let’s fucking goooooooooooo!?” Serial killers, that’s who. People who didn’t hesitate the first time they heard it was time to kill chickens are the real problems with society. Yes, we know they’re chickens and they’d die anyway, but at least show some sympathy. 

2. If you chickened out, you’re a dead guy.

Is it not ordinary blood? Blood and screams of horror from a flightless bird. That’s what you cannot handle? The people that are killing birds and cows and goats for a living, do they have three necks? Please my friend, collect that knife. 

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3. If you were easily convinced, you’re easily peer pressured.

So because someone convinced you to kill a harmless bird, you too you now went did it just like that? If that person told you to put your hand inside fire, would you do it? 

4. If you had to be convinced a lot, you’re selfish.

So, your friend or family member is asking you to assist them with a task and all you can think about is your own future trauma? As if you’ll not follow and eat the chicken. Hmmm. Sounds like selfishness to me. 

5. If you became a vegetarian afterwards, you’re a hypocrite.

Vegetarian that’s buying insecticide to kill mosquitoes? Vegetarian that’ll kill a snake if it attacks them? #AnimalLivesMatterEvenIfThey’reTryingToKillYou

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