Pepper soup is something Nigerians enjoy a lot. And most times, the level of enjoyment depends on the type of pepper soup it is. For this week’s edition of Ranked, I take on pepper soup types from goat meat pepper soup to assorted pepper soup.

6. Goat meat pepper soup.

This ranks last for me and it’s solely because I detest goat meat. Maybe I’m not complete Yoruba, but there is something about goat meat in anything that does not sit right with me. I hope an experience convinces me otherwise.

5. Chicken pepper soup.

Chicken in pepper soup is something everyone should experience in their life. There’s no way to properly describe that flex. It just slaps really hard.

4. Turkey pepper soup.

Turkey and chicken, which is more delicious? I won’t get into that argument. But know this: turkey pepper soup also slaps. If it’s prepared with all the additions in the picture, best believe you’ll taste something exquisite.

3. Cow leg pepper soup.

Cow leg pepper soup is what goat meat pepper soup wishes it could be. But sadly, it is not. Cow leg pepper soup is incomparable and will retain its spot forever.

2. Catfish pepper soup.

Ranking this as number 2 makes me feel somehow, but the truth is that not everyone likes catfish. Besides, catfish pepper soup that is not prepared well can ruin things for you. So, 2 it is. Reminds me of this catfish pepper soup I bought that had locust beans inside.

1. Assorted pepper soup.

The winning power of this pepper soup lies in the fact that you can find anything inside it. Roundabout, shaki, etc. This type of pepper soup has range that no other pepper soup has.

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