Meat pie is perfectly imperfect because it doesn’t contain these 8 ingredients. If we fix up and start including these ingredients in meat pie, it’ll finally become elite. You’re welcome. 

1. Yam

What are potatoes if not yams yassified? Anything potatoes can do, yam can do. Yam even has an upper hand because it can choke you and I’ve never seen potatoes do that, please. 

2. Beans 

Knowing that this is already a thing in Warri just shows that they have good taste. Elevate your taste buds today and add this in the next time you’re making meat pie. 

3. Scent leaves 

I feel like there’s nothing that scent leaves can’t make better. They can give you clear skin, make the quality of your life better, attract money to you —  we’ve tested, tried and and now trust our findings, don’t worry. 

4. Eja kika 

`Just let us put you on to good things. There’s fish and then there’s eja kika. It’s not the same thing I promise you. The texture, the taste — especially when boiled — just imagine it inside meat pie. Something divinely inspired this recommendation.  

5. Okra

For one, okra is vegan, so you’ll be elevating your lifestyle. You can boil it, fry or bake it, and it would still slap. What’s a little sliminess for you, anyway?

 6. Akara

What’s better than beans? Fried beans. Meat pie stuffed with akara is basically agege bread and akara that studied abroad anyway. 

 7. Atarodo 

Just slice raw and add them to the pie so that we can actually taste the heat, please. Meat pie is too sweet please, we should humble it with a little atarodo. 



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