Between work, traffic and Nigeria just Nigeria-ing, everybody is tired. They’re also hungry but would like to eat without having to cook for 45 minutes to an hour when they return from work. What’s that thing Fireboy said again? “There’s no time. There’s no energy.” Exactly. And that’s why I’ve listed seven quick recipes you can cook for dinner in under 20 minutes. With these recipes, you don’t have to do too much or get too many ingredients. 

Concoction rice 

Photo credit: Bella Naija 

This is the traditional “There’s nothing to eat” meal Nigerians cook when there are very few ingredients in the house. Most people cook this by throwing whatever they find in the pot. But if you need a recipe to follow, I’m here for you. 

Find recipe at  The Kitchen Muse 

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Suya sandwich 

Image source: Joy Editor

Before you slander this combination, note it’s basically a beef sandwich but beef suya instead. To make it better, use agege bread. ₦500 suya plus ₦150 agege bread, and you’re good to go. Spread some butter or mayo inside (you won’t regret it). For extra oomph, add a sunny-side-up egg. 

Find the recipe at Joy Etor

Indomie frittata

Photo credit: Delta Pikin

Try this if you’re tired of eating your Indomie and egg the same way every time. Mix everything together and fry at once(after cooking your Indomie, of course). It slaps, I promise. 

Find the recipe at Delta Pikin 

Egg Spaghetti 

The fastes go-to for spaghetti is usually to pair it with stew. But I need us to move forward in life. The recipe below can get addictive just by how quick and easy it is to cook. I introduced it to my friend, a Nigerian bachelor who hates cooking, and he made it every day for one week straight. Don’t be as extreme as him though.

Find the recipe at Learn to Cook With Me 

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10-minute fried rice 

A faster and cheaper way to cook fried rice. The link below offers two recipes: one with few ingredients, while the other has some extras like soy sauce and mixed vegetables. Choose which one to make depending on your time, money and energy. 

Find recipe at The Foodie Takes Flight 

Boiled potatoes in tomato sauce 

Photo credit: Nic Homecooking 

Potato and stew, but make it fancy. I want to send dollars to the person who came up with this recipe. 

Find it at Nic Homecooking

Yam and egg stir fry 

Photo credit: Ndudu by Fafa

A twist on fried yam and eggs. All I’ll say is once you try this, you may never go back to eating just fried yam and fried eggs. 

Find the recipe on Ndudu by Fafa

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