Ask any Nigerian to mention types of rice and they are quick to mention Jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice. But what about the other types of rice that always have your back when you are broke? Why don’t you mention them? Oh, you are ashamed of them, right? We are judging you.

1. Concotion rice.

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This rice is a saviour for times when we are broke and have nothing. With less than N200, you can cook up a storm. And the taste will bang. Nigerians need to normalise this rice and accord it the respect it deserves. Which of you can say you have not tasted concoction rice before?

2. Waakye (pronounced by Nigerians as Wanke).

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This rice from Ghana (or Togolese people) is a whole package. Especially the black stew they add to it when they sell it with spaghetti, fried fish, and plantain. How come we are not serving it at parties yet?

3. Ofada rice.

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What is all this ofada slander I keep hearing? Ofada rice is a king and a king is what it will remain. Yes it smells, and so? Does it keep smelling when it’s done? You people don’t have good taste and it shows.

4. Palm oil rice.

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This is low budget concoction rice. You know, when you’re so broke you can’t even afford money to buy concoction ingredients so you add palm oil to the water and ata gungun. It slaps. And I know that a lot of you enjoy it in secret when the wig and waist trainer is off.

5. White rice.

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So because there is Jollof rice, you people have chosen to disrespect white rice, innit? Ungrateful lots, that’s what you are. You better apologise to white rice for the disrespect. Otherwise eh.

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