So, after doing a taste fest of cola drinks available in Nigeria, I decided to do a ranking of them all. Here’s my result:

5. Big Cola

In terms of size, this one should rank higher. But taste-wise, it doesn’t exactly cut the bill. The cola drinks were almost impossible to differentiate because of their taste, but this one stood out and not exactly in a good way. It wasn’t sweet enough for me. That’s an easy way to say it.

4. Bigi Cola

So I enjoyed this. More than I was expecting to, honestly. Because when it was first released, it was way too sugary. Now, the sugar seems to have been regulated and it didn’t leave any aftertaste in my mouth. So, it’s number 4 for me.

3. RC Cola

This is a new product, and I think it tastes good enough. If it remains consistent, it can go head to head with the other cola drinks in the market. But brands have that problem of reducing quality when they get good customers, so… Let’s hope these don’t fall. I hope to keep drinking it.

2. Coca Cola

You people are probably going to demand my head, but see, Coca Cola comes second for me. It tastes great taste, sure, and it is one of the best in the market, but I will always have a number one cola drink. And guess what that drink is?

1. Pepsi

This is my go-to drink in traffic, the first I will consider before anything else. The taste is right by me, and I don’t feel bloated after drinking it. So, Pepsi for the win. I know a lot of people feel the same way about this. Tell me I’m right.

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