Today on Ranked, I take on some of the foods Nigerians love eating and hating on in equal measure. Given the number of love and hatred they receive on a daily, I thought to examine them. Are these foods really overrated or underrated? Well, here’s what I think of them. Prepare to defend your faves. Or to drag me, perhaps.

5. Avocado

I honestly don’t know why people eat this. I know they say it’s nutritious, good with bread and all, but please, I’ll have to pass. It gets a lot of slander on these streets though, so I’m pleased. Avocado eaters, you people need to fix up. Develop better taste buds.

4. Mint Ice Cream

Can I confess something? I don’t mind mint ice cream. I honestly don’t. It tastes good, so why not? But some people hate it because they think it tastes like frozen toothpaste. That’s why I can’t speak up in public when they slander it. If they ban it, I’ll miss it, but I’ll move on.

3. Chocolate Cake

Agree with me: CHOCOLATE CAKE IS MID! There’s this level of sweetness about it that I don’t understand. I salute everyone who likes it, but I have realised I’m not just the target market. I just want a bit of it and that’s all. Please tell me I’m not alone.

2. Bounty

Me I love Bounty oh. I don’t know all the things you people are saying. Chocolate with a mix of coconut in it, what is there not to love? You people should please ease up on the Bounty slander, please. The poor thing just wants to be two things at the same time and frankly, I’m here for it.

1. Pupuru

This one is barely known and it’s upsetting me and my homegirls. Pupuru is a special delicacy from Ondo state. It is made from cassava flour, and it’s a very smooth swallow. I love it so much, and I think it should be highlighted more. Do yourself a favour today and taste Pupuru.

BONUS: Goat Meat.

I used to hate goat meat. But this week, I had the best goat meat in Ibadan and I realise what I have been missing. So, this one is to tell you that I’m starting to rethink my goat meat slander. If I eat one more goat meat and it tastes good, I’ll be an apostle of goat meat. Those of you who hate it, please fix up. Peace.

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