What’s it like navigating Ibadan as a JJC? I’ll tell you. For starters, transport fare confuses you, and you are always looking for Amala because everyone says Ibadan has the best Amala. And yes, you will get it, but after that you will start looking for places to hangout. That’s my story. And after looking for places to hangout, here’s a list of 5 places I was able to visit.

5. FOODCO, Bodija.

This is one of the earliest places I visited in Ibadan. It’s a supermarket with a restaurant that allows you to eat, charge and chill with friends. Can be a bit crowded sometimes, but their food tastes good and they offer a lot of snacks and dishes.

4. PALMS MALL, Ring-Road.

This meets the standard I expected of a Palms Mall in Ibadan. It’s a pretty decent place to hangout and stroll, and maybe buy Shoprite bread.

3. JERICHO MALL, Jericho.

The small chops platter here is divine, as is their smoothie. It’s large, and you are sure to find something that will interest you. It’s a fun place to spend the weekend.

2. FROSTYZ, Osuntokun

had the best night here. The coconut flavoured ice cream I bought was like nothing else I have ever tasted. To me, it’s the best place to have a date. Or sit and read a book.

The ice cream. One of the best ways to end a rainy night.


Here’s the correct address: Plot 5 and 6, Old Aerodrome Road Along Sango-UI Road, Samonda, GRA, Ibadan. They have a cinema, and the ambience is lovely. If you like watching people, this is one of the best places to do it. But beyond that, it makes for a good hangout spot with friends.

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