I have been tossing these food questions in my mind for months. Today, I thought, what better place to ask them than here? Be honest with yourself, and perhaps you might find out where food ranks in your heart, and where you rank on the foodie scale.

1. Be honest, do you think Jollof Rice tastes better than Fried Rice?

2. Do you actually hate Bounty or are you just trying to act cool?

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3. Don’t you think Pounded Yam is overrated?

4. Do you actually hate Amala or you just want to feel among?

5. Does chocolate cake deserve the hype you’re giving it?

6. If avocados were the last thing on earth, would you still claim to hate them?

7. Deep down, deep down, do you hate Semo?

8. Does anyone actually enjoy mint ice cream or y’all are just pretending for the internet?

9. Do you eat because you enjoy eating or because it’s an obligation you need to fulfil?

Here’s last week’s Ranking:

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