You probably opened this article, ready to throw hands. But wait, and let’s reason together. Do you like puff-puff because you think it’s the best thing in Buhari’s Nigeria or because of peer pressure?

Keep your offence and open your mind so I can show you why puff-puff isn’t that great.

It’s bland

Unless you pour in a truckload of sugar when making puff-puff to convince yourself that you aren’t just chewing fried flour, it just feels like a sad waste of time. How unimaginative can a snack get?

It gets soggy in two minutes

Puff-puff likes shakara because how can they bring you down from the pan now now, and you decide to become soggy just because someone didn’t eat you fast enough?

It’s too easy to destroy

If it’s not Yoruba people adding pepper to it, it’s another person deciding to throw in big-ass onions inside. Puff puff is already bad, you now made it worse.

It’s useless in small chops

Please, why are there one million of them in one pack of small chops? Just tell me it’s puff-puff I’m buying.

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Lovers of puff-puff are violent

Puff-puff lovers and semo lovers must be in the same WhatsApp group. Do you have to violently attack anyone that gives a different opinion and try to force them to love it just because you do?

That’s just peer pressure, and for those of us who think puff-puff is meh, we refuse to be bullied. Periodt.

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