Okay, maybe not exactly stop them. But please caution them. It’s not every time you over do. Sometimes cook the food the way it was designed to be cooked.

1. Adding pepper and onions to puff puff

Please ehn. Because what on earth is ata rodo and onion slices doing inside puff puff? Yes, some people like it. But maybe not make this the norm.

2. Adding pepper to pancakes.

Whatever happened to plain old pancakes without pepper and tomatoes doing visitation? Again, I understand how preference is key, but is it that some people never get tired of pepper?

3. Adding locust beans (iru) to pepper soup.

See how mouthwatering this pepper soup looks. Now imagine how it would taste if someone dumped a handful locust beans in it? Yes, these things happen. After I bought a plate of pepper soup with locust beans swimming inside, I realised that Yoruba people have to be stopped.

4. Adding locust beans to concotion rice.

Would you believe me if I said that there are Yoruba people out there adding locust beans to concotion rice? Things are occurring and you need to be kept up to date. I hate to be the betrayer of my tribe, but Yoruba people, abeg ehn.



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