WhatsApp groups are always wild and stressful, but none come close to the drama of one filled with your family members. So, here are 13 things you’ll get if you’re in a family WhatsApp group.

1. When you first got added to the family WhatsApp group.

Hay God! Why now?

2. When your mother forwards her ninth BC of the day.

Can we ban this woman?

3. You, waking up to see 200 unread messages:

You people don’t sleep?

4. When someone comes to drop extended family gist.

Now, we’re talking.

5. When a heated argument breaks out in the group.

Always best to just stay out of it.

6. When you send a message and everyone ignores you.

Wow! Is it like that?

7. How everyone reacts when someone leaves the group:

You people should calm down, abeg.

8. You, with every single video sent to the group:

I don’t have data for this.

9. You, when someone is getting dragged in the group:

Thank God it’s not me.

10. You, after muting the group for small peace of mind.


11. How the entire family troops in to wish someone “Happy Birthday”:

Can’t you send a private message?

12. When your parents use the group to chat with each other.

Get a room, please.

13. When you meet someone whose family doesn’t have a WhatsApp group.

Not sure if I should be sad for you or jealous.



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