Every micro-influencer and their grandma has a “GRWM: meal prep for the week” video on Instagram or Twitter. At this point, if I see anymore of these videos, I’ll scream. I thought we were all struggling and stuff. Isn’t the economy crashing in your area?

Food is supposed to bring you joy, especially now that life is tough. I tried to meal prep for a week, and here are my thoughts.

I’ve eaten everything in one day. Now what?

What happens when you meal prep those super small portions, and now, you’ve eaten five out of ten plates before they even freeze? Food is nice the day you cook it, and your brain will just keep saying, “Just one more bite”. Next thing, it’s all gone. Not me, though, but y’all be safe.

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Is meal-prepping sibling-proof?

I’m a big believer in not tempting people to do things that might make me want to commit unalive. Anyone with siblings knows you can’t even leave water in the fridge without them drinking it, and now, you’re saying I should basically leave them a feast? Be fucking for real, abeg. 

Eating the same thing is boring!

Didn’t we all want to stop being kids so badly so no one could tell us we couldn’t eat whatever we want whenever we wanted? You’ll eat dry spag and sauce for lunch for one-week straight and wonder why your brain keeps telling you to fight your coworkers. Sis, it’s unahppy. 

Have you eaten defrosted rice?

As a Nigerian, half our foods are rice. So you too, imagine making a big batch of village or coconut rice and deciding to portion it out to last a week. By the third day, the sad state of the rice will make you want to cry. Sad food doesn’t slap!

The time you said I’ll save, I’m wasting it

They keep pushing this propaganda that meal prepping helps you save time, and I’m yet to see how. Cook one big batch of food that it does to make small tiny meals every day. Don’t ask me how I know. I just know. 

What if it’s tastes bad?

We all make mistakes sometimes, what if I make a big batch of food, and it tastes horrible? Now, I have to suffer in silence for a week? Small portions will never do that to you. 

Do you have shares in NEPA?

How will you guarantee they’ll bring light consistently enough for the food’s quality to remain intact in the freezer? What about when I’m ready to eat, and I need to use the microwave? Does meal prepping come with a different NEPA perk?

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