I don’t understand why many of us are so stuck on French fries when many different types exist. Please do yourself a favour and try out some of the recipes I’ve listed below.

Crinkle-Cut Fries

These are regular fries but with a different shape that weirdly makes them taste more exciting. To make this, you’ll need a crinkle knife. (You can also use the crinkle knife to cut plantain. You’ll thank me later.)

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Loaded fries 

Fries from heaven! Loaded fries are made of anything you want to put inside. You can add bacon, sausage, chicken, minced meat etc. Just make sure to include cheese. And maybe a mixture of mayo and ketchup to top it off. 

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Shoestring Fries

These are some of the thinnest fries you’ll ever see, and so they’re crispy as heck. They taste great with fry sauce (or ketchup and mayo mixed together).

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Curly Fries

I don’t know why Nigerian restaurants don’t serve curly fries; they bang like crazy. They’re longer than standard french fries have spring-like shapes. Rich people use a spiralizer to cut it, but here’s a video showing how to improvise with a knife. You’ll need to ensure the oil is 190°C hot before frying. This article tells you how you can know when your oil is that hot. 

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Garlic fries 

Garlic fries are made with salt, parmesan cheese, parsley, and chopped garlic (of course). The more cheese, the better. 

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Home fries

I’m obsessed with home fries, and I make them every other day. They’re thick cuts of potatoes that taste mouth-dripping good when pan-fried in bacon grease. For best results,, fry the bacon first, then use the leftover grease for your fries. You can use any type of potato. 

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Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are amazing because the sweetness goes well with the crispiness from the frying. 

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Tater Tots

Tater tots are deep-fried, grated potatoes shaped into cute small cylinders that taste great with mayonnaise. 

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Potato Wedges are thick potato fries. They’re not as crunchy as most fires, but they’re just as delicious. I actually really like that they’re soft, which makes them nice to eat with eggs.

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Cheese fries 

These are fries topped with any melted cheese. The cheese is basically a replacement for your ketchup. 

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Cottage fries 

Cottage fries taste and look like thick, soft potato chips, and can be made with or without the potato skin. They’re seasoned with a variety of seasonings like cayenne pepper, black pepper, curry and other herbs. They’re simply delicious.

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