I have no idea why food seems more appealing when animated, but if you’re like me, you’ve wanted to try almost every food you’ve seen in animations. I’m convinced that the real-life replica doesn’t taste as good as they make it seem but we’ll take what we can get. From the tubby custard in Teletubbies to everything from Spirited Away, here are 17 cartoon foods I wish existed in real life. 

 Everything in Spirited Away

I remember watching the scene where Chihiro’s parents saw all that food that didn’t belong to them and just started eating. All the while, I was  thinking, “God forbid, but also, same.” It’s impossible to watch this movie and not be hungry. Why did everything have to look so good, though?

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Krabby patty from SpongeBob SquarePants 

Have you ever sat down to eat a burger, and your brain tells you it’ll never come close to a Krabby patty? Because this is me all the time. Those fish people in bikini bottoms could sell their kids to buy this burger, and I too might sell my siblings. I don’t want to hear anything about how the secret formula is Mr Crabs meat; please, I’ll still eat it. 

Pink doughnut from The Simpsons 

There’s just something about how Homer eats this doughnut up in one bite that assures me it slaps. Why hasn’t someone tried to recreate it yet? I’m sure it’s full of sugar, so I’m willing to risk my life to try this. 

 All the bugs in Lion King

Don’t lie; we’ve all wanted to try them at a point. The bugs kind of looked like gummy worms even. What if bugs don’t taste so bad, ya know? I feel like Simba would never lead us astray because that’s not very king-like behaviour. Timon said they tasted like chicken, so we can’t beat it till we’ve tried it. 

Sleeping Beauty‘s sad-looking cake 

You know how people always say, “All the best people are broken”? That’s precisely my sentiment with this cake. You just know that it tastes like love. No, I will not be explaining further. Plus, it was baked by fairies, so it’ll have to taste like magic.

Ramen in Ponyo 

Every time it rains, I start craving noodles, and I blame Ponyo. Because no matter what I cook, it’ll never look like this perfect bowl of ramen. And with the way the kids ate it, you just know it slapped. Look at that broth! Life is not fair to people who aren’t animated.

Bowl of ramen in Naruto

In this life, there is mai shai, and there is ramen from Ichiraku ramen shop that  Teuchi made. My biggest flaw in life was coming as a human being instead of an animated character that exists in every universe. Just look at this perfect bowl of ramen. I’m jealous. 

 Winnie the Pooh‘s golden Hunny

I don’t even like honey, but the one in Winnie the Pooh looked like liquid gold. Why’s it so thick? How can anyone eat honey for every meal? This bear carried a jar everywhere because of how great it tastes, I’m sure. He should release the names of the bees he gets it from, in two days, or we riot. 

 Pizza in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Why does no one make pizza that’ll rival the ones these green reptiles eat? Why does real life cheese never look that good? Why’s our pizza never as soft? Why isn’t the pizza they eat real? I, too, would make liking pizza my entire personality if it tasted and looked half as good as the ones on this TV show.

Shaggy’s sandwiches from Scooby-Doo

Shaggy might have been a lot of things, but he’d always create a masterpiece of a sandwich. It’s how he always tries to eat a full sandwich in one go for me. How good can a sandwich taste that you’d want to tear your mouth to eat it? No sandwich will ever come close to Shaggy’s sandwich, and that’s the problem with real life. 

 Bugs Bunny’s crunchy carrot from Looney Tunes

Does he plant it himself? Does he use special manure? Because real life carrots can’t taste that good, and the only time they actually taste nice is in carrot cake. Still, I want to try his carrot sha. Maybe It’ll give me all the energy this bunny uses to be a menace because I need it.

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Every single thing that Other Mother makes in Coraline

See, the titular character, Coraline, is not a serious person. So what if they removed her eyes? So, what if the Other Mother was a witch that wanted her soul? Wasn’t it a better offer than living with neglectful parents? Can’t believe that babe didn’t trade her soul for junk and button eyes.  It could never be me — bad decisions all the way!

The iconic plate of spaghettI from Lady and the Tramp

Spaghetti and meatballs piqued when Lady and Tramp had the most romantic diner in the history of romantic dinners. I specifically want to eat the spaghetti for that moment where someone’s child and I are both sucking on the same spaghetti strand from opposite ends and meet in the middle. What is love without sharing food, after all?

 Ratatouille from Ratatouille 

Growing older and realising that ratatouille is just a bunch of vegetables stacked on top of each other should make it unappealing, but no, I still want to try it. Maybe not the one cooked by a rat — I don’t care how good Remy is at cooking, rats are unsanitary. But I’d like to eat food that transports me to someone else’s good memory. 

Special sentient sandwich from Adventure Time

If you think about it, it’s not like the sandwich itself was sentient — just the ingredients. It had no feelings but I’m not going to defend myself for wanting to eat it. BMO’s cooking instructions might have added to the craving for this sandwich but let’s not talk about that. So many meals from Adventure Time, but this is the one I’ll sell my left kidney to taste. 

This bug thing from The Emperor’s New Groove

See, you can’t even judge me because why does it look so good? If you people know anywhere they sell this, better link me up. I’m counting on you. 

Bonus: Jawbreakers from Ed, Edd n Eddy

This is technically not food, but you’re a liar and a dirty bitch if you didn’t want the specific jawbreaker from Ed, Edd and Eddy. Because after begging my mum for years, she bought it for me from a supermarket. It did not hit because it wasn’t as big as the one from the show mtceww. 

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