Nigerians love their Henny. The evidence is in every other Nigerian music video that has ever been made.

Champagne, Hennessy, Moet for everybody.

A wise man, 2007

We spent the better part of last night, with the good people at Hennessy and the legendary Felipe Pantone at the launch of the new limited edition Hennessy Very Special bottle. Apart from all the free food and the endless flow of alcohol, here’ s everything we loved about the launch.

This uber-cool interactive piece

The first thing we noticed as we walked through the door of the launch was this uber-cool interactive piece designed by Felipe Pantone himself. In a world that has quickly become technologically driven, it’s interesting to watch art and technology intersect. Hidden sensors placed around the piece caused it to move with the hands of a person standing right in front of it. Sorcery we know.

Actually every single piece of art on display

We don’t know what big flex might mean to you, but to us, it means 8 of Felipe’s pieces getting shipped in all the way from Spain just for the launch. Nothing short of genius is the only we can think of to describe the Argentian-Spanish artist. His work has been exhibited all over Europe, America, Australia, and Asia and you can see why from these photos.

The Hennessy Very Special bottle

We can already tell that the new Hennessy Very Special limited edition bottle will be every collector’s dream. In the artist’s own words “The essence of our times is being everywhere at once, simultaneously loose and connected.” In designing this bottle he drew on that maxim to create new and unexpected experiences in the world of Cognac. He calls it “Remixing the Present.”

All the free food and booze

We know we already talked about the food and alcohol, but everything was so good we had to mention it twice. From the Caramel Puff Puff to the Honey & Soy Chicken to the incredibly delicious sliders. We also loved how they used Hennessy to create unique cocktails.

The people

The eclectic mix of people in the Nigerian art space present at the launch made us lose track of time. Before we could blink we had been at the launch for 4 hours, and we found it hard to leave even though it was hours past Boyin’s bedtime.

Felipe Pantone himself

We had the pleasure to meet the genius behind the new bottle’s design himself – Felipe Pantone, and chat with him a little about the inspiration behind his design and what drives his art. Fun fact about the artist, he never lets his face get photographed so we couldn’t take any bragging rights selfies. As compensation, he gave us these goodie bags with a bottle of the limited edition bottles signed by him in each one. Thanks, Felipe!

Views from the 12th floor

The launch held on the 12th floor of Pearl Tower at Eko Atlantic, and as you can imagine the view was breathtaking. But don’t take our word for it, you can see it here yourself.

Watching Felipe’s thought process

Yes, we are on a first-name basis with him now, because we met him and shook his hand. You guys really need to get on our level. A short video was played at the launch, giving us some insight into Felipe’s thought process when designing the bottle. We are sorry we didn’t save any of the Caramel Puff Puffs for you, but you do get to watch the awesome video here.


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