Garri is too much of a versatile bad bitch for y’all to limit to eba. I’m sure it feels insulted. These are eight other recipes you can make with garri. Number four is my favourite. 

Garri chocolate truffle

Before you say Zikoko has come again with their weird food recommendations, garri chocolate truffle is actually quite good. I wish I could buy it for you to prove my point but you can make it at home any day you have the chance. It’s not easy to make sha.

Garri salad 

Garri salad is more interesting than your regular, basic tasting vegetable salad. Just add water to your garri to soften it, then pour over any salad mix, stir together and you’re good to go. 

Garri fotor 

Image credit: Eat well abi

Instead of eating jollof rice on Sunday, eat jollof garri AKA Garri Fotor. I can almost promise there’s no difference… except the sardine. I know we have beef with Ghanaians, but we have to thank them for this recipe. 

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Wainar rogo (garri biscuits)

Image credit: Connect Nigeria 

I don’t know how you’ll like akara but not know wainar rogo exists. These are biscuits made from fried eba, and they’re super crunchy and delicious. It’s like eating chicken nuggets. You can fry them plain or with beef and eggs. 

Garri cake 

Image credit: Naija foodie 

After cheesecake, garri cake is the next best thing. It’s sweet, cheap and very easy to make. Instead of spending all your money on cake for your birthday, make yourself this. 


Nigerians deserve to win awards for coming up with interesting recipes. Somebody really sat down and came up with garrinola? Genius. Add Ijebu garri granola, instead of the regular one, to your next parfait. 

Garri smoothie

Image credit: Bollas Kitchen

You’re most likely thinking, “Why would I blend garri and make it into a smoothie?” The answer is, “Why not?” Instead of making that heavy bowl of eba, have a nice healthy cup of garri smoothie.  

Garri cookies 

Image credit: What to cook today

If you like oatmeal cookies, you’d love garri cookies; same texture and almost the same delicious taste. Next time you want to bake something, try these. 

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