Since the beginning of time, garri and groundnut have been saving the lives of broke Nigerians. While this combination bangs with ice-cold water after a long day, here are eight other things you need to try out for an even better experience with garri. 

1. Nutri-c

Make it cold. If you already put milo or milk in your garri, this is something you need to try. Nutri-c made everything better in secondary school, so why not? It’s simply flavoured water and will elevate the taste of garri. 

2. Ice cream

Think of it as a creamier version of garri and milk. You’ll never look back. 

3. Boiled eggs

Ghanaians are already on this combo with waakye, so what’s stopping you? If you can eat garri and akara, then boiled eggs are a more proteinous option. 

4. Coffee

It’s a quick snack before work if you’re too lazy to cook. Think of it as a version of cornflakes you don’t have to be worried about getting soggy. 

5. Honey

For one, it’s healthier and still sweet, so you’re already one step ahead of diabetes. We have to look out for the older millennials and fit-fam people that still love to enjoy garri.

6. Sausage

It’s also the same price with groundnut if you’re buying from a mallam, 50.  So you don’t have to break the bank for enjoyment. A substitute that tastes just as good as chicken suya when you’re broke. 

7. Fried grasshopper

What’s the difference between this one and  dried fish? Besides, it’s a cheaper option because you can catch it yourself and fry. You don’t need to spend any extra money when you’re already broke.

8. Sardine

Fish is fish. Sardine is too expensive for anyone to assume it’s SAPA making you drink garri. This is how the elite do it.



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