There are times when you’re dying of hunger but there’s either nothing to eat or you’re just too lazy to cook. In times like these, there are certain foods that always come through for you by saving your life. We’ve listed eight of them. 


We can all agree that Indomie is the number one saviour. If you have at least ₦200 in your hand, you can buy Indomie to cook and be satisfied. If you have extra money, you can garnish it with some vegetables. Noodles will come through for you when you’re too tired to cook, broke, sick, or even just peckish. We can’t help but stan.


The ultimate food for the lazy. You don’t have to put in any effort if you don’t want to; just eat the bread plain like that. If you have the strength, mix it up with some butter and jam. If you’re a rich person, add sardine or corned beef and you’re good to go. 

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Concoction rice 

Concoction rice is for days when all your money has finished and you have to take advantage of any ingredient around you. If you like, you can put crayfish, honey, avocado, sausage, etc. All that is important is that it’s edible and can fill your empty stomach. You need to have leftover rice somewhere sha.


Everyone knows garri as sapa food. If you don’t have anything else to eat, garri will always be there. No matter how broke a person is, they’ll always have one container of garri in one corner. If not, it’s over for you o.

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If there’s absolutely nothing to eat at home, there’s always a suya guy down the road that will save you from complete starvation. If you’re lucky, you may not have to spend any money; just keep asking the mallam to taste the different types of meat.

Soup and eba 

One common thing in every Nigerian household is that there’s always leftover soup in an ice cream container in the freezer. All you have to do is make eba and you’re good to go. If there was an apocalypse of some sort in this country, Nigerians will have soup stocked for months. You can never starve. 


Plantain is another meal that saves people’s lives because it’s easily accessible and convenient. You can have it as bole, dodo, or boiled plantain. But be warned, this is not food for when you’re broke; plantain is expensive out here in these streets. 


If all else fails, cereal is always there for you. If you don’t have money to buy proper cereal, you can break any biscuits inside a bowl of milk and make your own.

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