It’s safe to say that the one thing all Africans can agree on is that Jollof rice reigns supreme over all foods. This is not to say that other foods are terrible. They’re great. But you see Jollof ehn, it does things to the body. Jollof is the food of the gods. It’s almost perfect. The only thing that makes the experience of eating Jollof rice perfect is pairing it with an ice-cold bottle of Coca-cola. Or room temperature. If that’s your thing.

In honour of Coca-Cola Jollof week, here are four reasons why Jollof rice and Coca-Cola go perfectly together.

1) It’s aesthetically pleasing.

There’s nothing more pleasing to the eye than the waiter at a restaurant setting down a steaming plate of Jollof rice next to your chilled Coca-Cola. The contrast of coke’s slick dark/caramel hue against the red/orange tint of the Jollof rice can cause eye orgasms.

2) The taste of both things counter each other in pleasurable way.

When Jollof and Coca-Cola come together in the mouth, the sweet taste of the Coca-Cola counters the peppery and smokey taste of Jollof, creating a unique taste that’s most pleasing to the taste buds.

3) Coca-Cola’s after effect is perfect for washing down Jollof.

Water is great but the tingly feeling coke leaves in your throat after washing down pepper Jollof is too amazing to be described. Many have said that those few seconds of euphoria is a feeling akin to getting a glimpse of heaven.

4) It’s in the constitution.

Ok. It’s really not. But think back to when you were a child. Was there any celebration (birthdays, church bazaars, end of year parties, wedding receptions, funerals, etc) with Jollof that didn’t also have Coca-Cola along for the culinary ride? Exactly. There were none. Society might as well come together to make it official.


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