There’s been yam slander on the TL lately, and I cannot for the life of me understand why people intentionally make bad choices. How can you open the mouth that is in your head and say that yam is not an exciting food? Ahan, is it that you don’t have taste or what?

As a means of educating this person (and all of you who like to bad mouth yam), I will share ten things you can make with yam.

1. You can boil it.


And eat it with stew, egg sauce, or oil.

2. You can fry it.

fried yam and fish | African recipes nigerian food, African food ...

The joy of fried yam alone is enough.

3. You can roast it.

Roasted yam and plantain Recipe by Jane Fash - Cookpad

Can you roast rice? Or spaghetti? Can you roast pap?

4. You can make pottage with it.

yam pottage (2) - Sisi Jemimah

See food, see as e fine. My tongue is horny for the taste.

5. You can add beans to it.

Yam and beans porridge /faten doya da wake Recipe by ...

And garnish it like there’s no tomorrow.

6. You can pound it.

13 Pictures Of Party Food That Make Us Happy To Be Nigerian ...

And eat it with a hundred and one soups.

7. You can make ikokore with it.

Ikokore -Water Yam Pottage - Sisi Jemimah

Shalla to our Ijebu brothers and sisters.

8. Yam balls.

Fried yam balls Recipe by Foodiescene/ Pat's Kitchen - Cookpad

See how beautiful they look.

9. Yamarita.

How to make Nigerian Yamarita | Top Nigerian Food Blog

Again, see beauty. See God’s creation as e fine.

10. You can use it to make yam flour (elubo).

Yam Flour | Village Market International Concept

And yam flour is used to make Amala. Do the math.

For that person who slandered yam (and all of you who do the same in the corner of your rooms), we have something to say to you:



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