7 Heartbreaking Assignments We Never Want To See Again

February 22, 2020

When secondary school teachers need something to keep you busy over the weekend they dump a truckload of assignments on you. Well, we are grown now and we can finally tell them that we know what they did, and that we have no plans to forgive them.

1. Open to Chapter 6 of your Further Mathematics textbook, go to the exercise page and solve from number one to twenty. Show your workings too.

Don’t you want us to enjoy the weekend?

2. Draw and label the periodic table of elements.

Image result for periodic table of elements

Now you can see the level of evil these teachers did.

3. List twenty 10 letter words beginning with letter O, use them in sentences, and transcribe each sentence.

You, trying to calculate if Orangutan has up to ten letters or to just rough it for the teacher.

4. Write out ALL the figures of speech, define each of them, give ten examples and make sentences with all of them.

You’ll think university is better, but you’ll get there and meet new demons.

5. Define the following terms…

* in this scene, hot sweat courses down the main character’s body as he contemplates the assignment *

6. Draw and label the human skeleton.

You say?

7. Listen to AIT news by 9 PM, write down the headlines, summarise the news stories and submit on Monday.

Image result for ait news at 9pm

So basically, I should re-cast a news that has been cast, yeah? There is no pity in this school life.

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