What does life look like for Gen Z Nigerians everywhere in the world? Every Friday, we ask five Gen Z Nigerian students one question in order to understand their outlook of life. 

Gen-Z students are considered the future of tomorrow, and although they say they really do not want to fix anything, I decided to ask them what they will do if they were made President of Nigeria for a year.

Here is what they said:

Damilola: 19/UniBen

Scrap Sharia law and tighten up the laws to protect women from FGM, breast ironing, and all those stupid cultural practices like shaving women’s head when their husbands die.

Demilade: 21/Ebonyi State University

For a country with as many homeless people as we have, it makes no sense why we do not have a lot of homeless shelters. Throw the overfed politicians out of Aso Rock, and turn it into a homeless shelter. Also, we import too much in this country. Why are we importing groudnut oil? If we provided a means for production to be cheaper, by giving electricity and good roads, these made in Nigeria goods will be cheaper. Cheaper means more affordable. More affordable means more people can afford, and that leads to less importation. Lastly, ban junior WAEC. It is unnecessary.

Chris: 19/Obafemi Awolowo University

Except you want me to be a military ruler, there is nothing I can do. Vetoing bills will cause a lot of issues, so let me be a military ruler in peace. Then, I can do all the things that need to be done, like executing members of boko haram. Integrating them into society? Society that has not really recovered from all the nonsense that they have put them through? Nonsense. Then executing corrupt officers. They need to die.

Kelechi: 18/LASU

Accept bribe. Yeah, I will pass a few good laws, but I must take my own share of the national cake.

Ese: 20/UniLag

Good roads, we need those. Create accessible road channels and actually create a better public transportation system. Do you know how many problems will be solved with having good roads? Also, I will ban fish. It is disgusting.

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