Gen-Z is a name given to people born between the years of 1996-2015. We asked some Gen-Z Nigerians, to tell us 11 things they want the older generation Nigerians to know.

Amina, 21

Shut up, listen, and mind the business that pays you.

Ada, 19

You are always complaining that we like to follow trends and cannot think for ourselves, yet here you are having children for clout, and just because your mates had them too.

Tolu, 17

Why are you so afraid of change? Your way hasn’t worked so far, so why not try something else.

Kunle, 19

Your inability to fulfil your dreams are all on you. Just because you wanted to be a lawyer and it did not work out, does not mean you should force that rubbish on me. Please.

Lillian, 20

Why did you do us dirty like this? You are always complaining that we are not doing anything, but here we are living in the mess you left for us. Why do you keep demanding we fix what you broke? You had free education, scholarships, good civil service jobs that came with pension etc, yet somehow, how Nigeria is today is our fault? Don’t kill me please.

Eno, 16

You need to learn how to raise your children, because you seem to forget that the times are changing.

Zainab, 19

Please, older Nigerian women should stop glorying suffering in the name of marriage. You need to stop pretending the patriarchy is good to you. It’s not.

Tobi, 18

Please, less pressure on us. For everything. To get good grades and marry and all of that nonsense. We are here for a good time and not a long time.

Chioma, 19

See a therapist. You have a lot of childhood trauma to unpack. Know this, and know peace.

Emeka, 18

Why are you all so pretentious? All you people do is lie to one another, and lie to us too hoping we would not know you’re lying.

Ahmed, 20

Relax, you don’t know everything.

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