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Black woman worried and anxious standing
Living with an anxiety disorder can be frustrating especially when in the company of those who do not understand it. In this article, ten Nigerian women living with anxiety talk about how it affects their relationships.  Bimbo, 25 I’m always scared that something bad has happened to my partner, so daily calls are a must […]
June 22, 2021
Outing a queer person without their consent especially in a country like Nigeria is one of the worst things you could do to a queer person. To the four people we spoke to in this story, they know too well that it is like to feel the fear of being outed before you feel ready […]
June 9, 2021
Sometimes, when you finally accept your sexuality as a queer Nigerian, you may not know what to do. So, these six queer Nigerians give advice to newer queer people. Promise You don’t have to label yourself. Be patient with yourself, love yourself and know that whatever you are, you deserve love and acceptance. Doyin You […]
June 1, 2021
If you have served in Nigeria and spent some time in NYSC camp, you’ll understand how unpleasant the experience can be. However, for these few, they lucked out and found both love and friendship during NYSC. Here are stories of a few Nigerians who found love and friendship in a seemingly hopeless place: Hannah, Iseyin camp […]
May 25, 2021
As Told To Itohan After the HER newsletter went out on Saturday, I got an email back from a woman who wanted to talk to me. She said she lost someone precious to her, and it was all her fault. So, I got her number and we had this conversation on WhatsApp. Names are changed […]
March 29, 2021
If you are a cat owner, you can definitely relate to any of the things in this post. 1) Being a servant Your main purpose is to serve them, worship them, and adore them. Do you think you are a parent? Ha! You are nothing but a servant created to tend to the wills of […]
February 23, 2021