Names like Femi, Tobi, Segun… are names you hear and immediately have your guards up. Why? Bad vibes and negativity.

A few of these Yoruba names sat with us today to say their side of the story. 


Femi means “Love me”, but Nigerian women and women all over the world complain when I go around looking and spreading love. But it’s the reason I was created; it’s my birthright. I am a lover, not a philanderer.


Tobi means “Big” and my love is big enough to go around. If you need a piece of love, you know where to find me. I don’t know why Tobi is amongst the names women avoid when all I do is give many people a big piece of my love. 


Tunde means “I have come again”. And that’s what she said because I always come bearing good tidings. A prophet is never appreciated in their own home; that’s why nobody rates me and everyone thinks I am going around doing ashewo-lite. As I come again, I want to make you cum again. That’s highly benevolent of me If I do say so myself.


I am “A FULL house”. I’m a full-time happening babe living his life to the fullest. Say whatever you like about me and give me whatever PR you like, I know for sure that I’m a bad bitch. 

Writer’s note: Kunle seems to have missed the memo.


Muyiwa means “Brought this one”, and the thing I love to bring the most is sex. Men and women are always complaining about my choice and try to nitpick what gift I bring home. But it’s my choice. Do am if e easy. 


People always confuse me, Seun, for a sarewagba guy named Sean. Sean is my alter-ego. Whatever they said Sean did, he did that shit. Seun, on the other hand, is a good guy. My name means “Thank you”, which is what people say after I meet them. Ungrateful haters need to stop tainting his image.


My name means “Did this” and I am not one to avoid accountability. Emi ni mo se, I did it and the recipient enjoyed it. Seyi is a name associated with beauty. Do you want me to hide all this beauty and not share it? O wrong nau. I am sorry to everyone involved, but there’s no stopping me. 


I think I am here because people confuse me with Tunde. Yes, our Yoruba names have similar meanings, but we aren’t the same. I am a 45+ man who spends his time with his wife and kids. I may have a few girlfriends here and there, but I still think I get mixed up with Tunde and that’s the issue. 



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