Valentine’s Day is less than three weeks away, and that’s why you should start dropping hints to your partner, in case your wishlist needs to be shipped from abroad. Here’s how to do this successfully. 

Talk about how someone has it 

Say things like, “Obinna’s partner just got him that new drone, and it’s so mad! Imagine getting such a gift, I’d cry.”

Mention it on social media 

Find a post of your gift and repost it with a caption like, “This dress is so gorgeous” or “I’d do anything to get a washing machine like this.” 

Randomly fit it into sentences 

Even if it doesn’t make sense, just do it so it can implant in their brains. “I was walking down the road and I saw a Rolex as big as a bird”. They’ll say “Huh? Did you say Rolex?” Deny it with your full chest. But keep doing this and I promise they’ll get the hint. 

Send them things related to what you want 

If you want a new car, send them funny memes about people getting new cars. Send links to articles about the car and say, “Do you know that xxx car can do xxx?” Send them videos of the car being driven and articles on the danger of public transport or something like that. Flood them until you see the car in your driveway. 

“Accidentally” send a picture of the gift to them 

The trick here is to send them a picture or video of the gift you want with a caption like, “These shoes would look so nice on me”. Then tell them it was a mistake, that you wanted to send it to your best friend.  

Involve your best friend 

If your partner has never asked your best friend what gift you want, you need to start reconsidering the relationship. But just in case they’re not smart enough to ask, let your best friend bring it up to them in a subtle manner. Like getting them to talk about the gym then bringing up how you’ve wanted the latest gym shoes by so and so brand forever.  

Use hypothetical situations

Say things like, “If I decide to start getting my life together, the first thing I’d do is get an iPad. It would make my life so much easier.” Do this, and on Valentine’s day, a dispatch rider will be dropping off an iPad at your house/office… only if your partner has money sha. 

Use it against them


For example, when they complain that you go out too much, say, “If I had a PS5 now, I’d be indoors all the time, playing games. But since I don’t have that, I have to find other ways to relax after all the work stress.”

Tell them straight up

They may be too oblivious to notice the hints you’re dropping, so the best thing to do to make sure you get the gift you want is to tell them directly. You can even tell them where to get it.

All in all, If your partner doesn’t know what gift you want for Valentine’s day by now, they deserve to be flogged with koboko dipped in pepper and Buhari’s wickedness. 

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