A ‘body count’ refers to the number of people someone has had sex with. While some think keeping count is pointless and regressive, others think it’s pretty essential.

So, I decided to ask a bunch of Nigerians about their body count, how they feel about the entire concept and if they ever lie when asked. Here are 7 of the best answers I got.

Doyin, 21/Female/Straight

No one thinks a man is a hoe for sleeping around, but for women, the number of people you’ve been with is a big deal. I know people like to pretend that it’s not, but it is. 

I’m 21 and I’ve slept with 13 men, but I say it’s 7. That’s my default answer now. I didn’t use to lie before, but I told one guy my real number during the talking stage and this nigga ran away. 

John, 31/Male/Bisexual

I stopped counting bodies when it passed 100. If I’m being honest, I’m pretty sure I’ve already tripled it. I’ve been accused of being a sex addict, but I don’t think I am. I just like sex. What’s the issue?

I’ve started lying when I’m asked though. I have a different number I tell men and women. For women, I just say 15. Queer men are more forgiving, so I tell them 50. Everybody is happy.

Vivian, 25/Female/Straight

I’ve been with 4 and a half men. I say half because the fifth guy got too excited and came VERY early. I don’t think that one deserves to be considered a full body.

I’ve lied about my body count before. I increased it from 1 to 6 to impress a guy I liked. I wanted him to think I was mature and experienced, but it backfired and he bounced.

Daniel, 29/Male/Straight

When I was younger, I thought my body count mattered. I really wanted to save myself until marriage. The older I got, however, the more I realised how foolish the entire concept was. 

Sex is the same as any other human need, like eating when you’re hungry. Just imagine how stupid you’d look counting how many plates of food you’ve eaten in your life. 

My body count is currently 7. I only used to lie about it when I was a teenager, and I hadn’t even had sex at the time. Now, I don’t mind people asking me, but I generally think it’s no one’s business.

Tolani, 27/Female/Straight

My body count is important to me. It helps me keep an eye on the number of people I’ve shared my body with. It also helps me curb random sexual encounters.

I’ve slept with 12 men. I never lie about it when I’m asked, but we have to be really close for me to share the number. I’m a curious person, so I understand why someone would want to know.

Personally, I only care about my partner’s body count if it’s too low. I don’t have the strength to teach anybody anything, and I really don’t want to add a body that won’t satisfy me. 

Chinedu, 23/Male/Gay

I’ve never cared about keeping score. I’m not shackled by heteronormative ideals, so I have sex whenever I want with whomever I want. If I had to guess, I’d say my number is somewhere between 30 and 40.

I never lie about it either. I remember one man telling me that he couldn’t date someone with that many bodies. It’s not like I was even trying to date the clown; I just wanted to fuck.

Sarah, 20/Female/Pansexual

I actually don’t remember my body count. I just know that I’ve been with more than 10 men and women. The entire concept is just not something that matters to me at all. Like, who cares?

I’ve never had a reason to lie about it because I genuinely don’t remember. I don’t care about anyone’s body count either; I just need them to come with experience. That being said, if the sex is trash, it never happened.

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