To be taken for granted in a relationship is one of the shittiest things ever. People who do that to their partners deserve running stomachs in standstill traffic.  

The worst part is most people don’t know they’re being taken for granted until they’ve gotten to their breaking point. Then they’re like, “Wait. Shey this person dey whine me ni? I don’t deserve this rubbish.”

To avoid getting to this point, here are some of the signs you should watch out for.

They’re ungrateful 

Common ”thank you” never comes out of their mouths when you do favours or sacrifice things for them. They don’t even realise you’ve done something important, and that’s the beginning of the problem. If they don’t acknowledge you for the great partner you are, that’s a red flag. 

They barely communicate with you

The fact that they don’t think you’re important enough to talk to consistently shows they’re definitely taking you for granted. 

They don’t give a shit about anything you do

They have no interest in participating in your life. They don’t try to do the things you love or share in moments that are important to you. Even something as simple as your office gossip, they’re not interested.

They don’t spend time with you 

They’re always doing their own thing and hardly ever find quality time for you. When you try to create time to spend together, they come up with silly excuses like “I’m busy” or “I’m tired”. Busy kill you there. 

They refuse to compromise 

It’s always about them. They’re set in their ways and are never willing to compromise on issues, big or small. This shows you’re not an important factor to them. 

They don’t include you in their plans

You wake up one morning to find out your partner got a new job. Ahn ahn, from where to where? When did they apply? When did they go for the interview? You don’t have this information because they didn’t think of you as important enough to tell it to. 

Now that you know, what do you do?

Talk to them

Try to speak with your partner about it. Open your mouth and tell them everything from A-Z. Let them know how serious it is. If you’re dating a sensible person, they’d be willing to listen. 

Set boundaries 

If they’re willing to change, set rules and boundaries for the relationship. Set specific days for quality time, agree to try out each other’s hobbies once a month, etc.

Do your own back

If they persist in not making time for you, including you in plans or communicating, do the same to them. Let them know what it feels like. Maybe they’ll sit up. First to do no dey pain o.


I’m just joking, please. Don’t let me be the end of your relationship. 

End the relationship 

They’re not willing to change, so what are you still doing there? End the relationship, please. There’s no time for nonsense. 



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