Every generation deserves love, and Gen-Zs are no exception. They may go about it in ways other generations can’t understand, but it works for them. This is how to know for sure that a Gen-Z Nigerian is flirting with you. 


Since most of the flirting is done over social media, they use a lot of emojis. If it’s not 🥺, it’s 🙈 or 🫣. 

Social media marriage 

They do a lot of things backwards, so before they send you a DM, they’re letting everyone know y’all are married. One day, they’ll just start calling you my wife/ husband. It is what it is.  


Once they know they like you, they’ve already made you a playlist. It doesn’t matter what streaming platform you use, they’ll get it done. Also, expect it to ruin your algorithm.

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Are they really flirting with you if they don’t send you at least 15 TikToks a day? Once they ask if you have a TikTok account, forget about it. 


They always start by saying they don’t talk much, but they’ll use calls to finish your battery. If they’re not buying airtime, they’re using FaceTime or WhatsApp. Your phone will be hot enough to cook beans, and they’ll still be going. 

Violent attraction 

Nothing says flirting like Gen-Zs alluding to you killing them. They let you know you’re hot, but not without stating how many ways they want you to use your hotness to end their life. 


When dogs like you, they lick your face. When Gen-Z Nigerians like you, they bite you. Don’t be scared. They’re just trying to absorb your flavour. 

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