Your heart should melt a little every time your boyfriend’s name pops on the screen. If this isn’t the case for you, you’re doing something wrong in your relationship. The good thing is that we know just how to fix this problem.

60 Cute Names To Save Your Boyfriend’s Contact In Your Phone

Here are 60 cute names for your boyfriend on your mobile phone.

1. Big head

It doesn’t matter if his head is small.

2. Baby

He might be 20 years older, but he’ll always be your baby.

3. Sweety pie

Before you roll your eyes, is he a pie or not?

4. Akanni

If he’s a traditional Yoruba man.

5. Mine

Think about it —who else dares lay claim to him?

6. Zaddy

If he’s a sugar daddy that plows your farmland efficiently.

7. Beau

A little French vibe is sexy AF.

8. My Everything

Because without him, you cannot exist.

9. Idunnu mi

It means “My happiness” in Yoruba.

10. Cash cow

If he’s your personal money minting machine

11. Personal mumu

If he worships the ground you tread.

12. Chief Daddy

If he’s a sugar daddy.

13. Odogwu

If he’s a businessman that rains cash on you unprovoked.

14. Ayanfe mi

Another one for the Yoruba demons. It means “My chosen one”.

15. Dearly Beloved

If y’all love story is nothing short of a Shakespearean affair.

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16. Lover boy

If he’s head over heels in love.

17. Wizzy Baby

If you’re a Wizkid fan, your boo is your personal Wizzy Baby

18. Tony Montana

If he’s a fashion killer.

19. Saro

Because you’re his Arolake

20. My Angel

If you’ve accepted him as your personal saviour.

21. My Lord

If he’s heavy on respect.

22. Naughty boy

If he’s a freaky little thing.

23. Romeo

If he used pick up lines from Titanic during your talking stage.

24. Sugar

For a man who is 100% committed to giving you a soft life.

25. Sugar plum

For the plus-size bros.

26. Love of My Life (LOML)

Use this only when you’re sure he’s your final destination.

27. Darling

Straightforward but genuinely from the heart.

28. Sunshine

If he brightens up your world.

29. African Prince

It’s only right because you’re his African princess.

30. Giggles

This is for a man who cracks you up.

31. Papi

A little Mexican vibe to spice things up.

32. Pablo Richie

If he’s a successful yahoo boy. You’ll be his Olori Pablo.

33. My Rock

This name is for a lover who is 100% reliable.

34. Amante

It means “Lover” in Spanish.

35. My Choco Milo

If he’s a brown skin hottie.

36. Obi’M

It means “My heart” in Igbo.

37. Tiger

This is for a man who knows how to give you multiple orgasms.

38. Sexy Beast

If you’re aware that he’s every woman’s dream.

39. Bad Boy

This is for a man who knows how to press all your right buttons.

40. Chiquito

If he’s short, dark and handsome.

41. Munchkin

It’s the cutest name for him if y’all enjoy love bites.

42. Babyface

For a lover who looks nothing like his age.

43. Soul Mate

Save his number with this name if he has proposed.

44. My Amour

It is Spanish for “My love”.

45. Boo

This one is oldie but goldie.

46. My One and Only

After him, there’s only him.

47. Adumadan mi

It means “My black and shine” in Yoruba.

48. Mutumina

This is the one if you’ve bagged yourself a prince from the north.

49. My prince

Because you’re his princess.

50. Partner in crime

If Bonnie & Clyde have nothing on y’all.

51. My guy

Very straight to the point.

52. Bros

Fight anyone who tells you this isn’t cute.

53. Sugar Cane

This is for a man invested in bringing sweetness into your life.

54. Dickson

If you cherish his “gbola” more than the relationship itself.

55. Ken

As a reminder that you’re his Barbie.

56. Dodo Mayana

If you’re out there doing love thangz with an Egbon Adugbo.

57. Ekwu Eme

Another cute name in Igbo if your man is “Talk and do”.

58. Best

Normally, the LOYL should be your best human in the world.

59. London Boy

If he’s an IJGB that chose to die on your matter.

60. Joystick

If you’re only with him for the genital slamming.

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